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"The experience, knowledge and excellent quality of service of WPA has enabled us to raise attendance levels"

Attendance Audits & Evaluations

WPA provide Attendance Audits and Evaluations on request. Contact us for more information.




What Does an Attendance Audit cover?


  • Review of the Attendance Policy
  • Data evaluation of whole academy/school attendance systems
  • Review attendance legislation, guidance & procedures ensuring they are in place
  • Evaluation of existing academy/school interventions
  • Staff interviews with responsibilities for attendance ensuring best practice is in place
  • Identifying any training needs
  • Identifying how to get the most out of your IT attendance systems for preparation of attendance reports for Ofsted, Governors, Senior Leadership team including identification of FSM, EAL, PP, SEN etc.
  • Identifying any safe guarding issues with regard to attendance




The Benefits of WPA Attendance Audits & Evaluations


  • Supports New to post Head teachers & Senior Management/Attendance Lead with responsibilities for attendance
  • New Academy conversion and or a Multi Chain
  • Academies/schools that are striving for 'Ofsted Outstanding' for attendance
  • Schools with Notice to Improve
  • Useful tool for early identification of concerns
  • Safeguarding is met with regard to attendance
  • Identification of training requirements
  • Supports attendance target setting, objectives & strategies




To schedule an Audit & Evaluation for your Academy or School please email or telephone 0208 462 2716 / 01689 843322.



"The experience and knowledge and excellent quality of service of our Education Provider WPA Education Welfare Services has enabled us to raise attendance levels.


Our EWO has not only worked in partnership with us to develop effective systems to manage and improve attendance but has also built good relationships with our staff and families.


Communication between the EWO and the school is excellent whether verbally, in emails or in the half termly summative Attendance Reports which both governors, senior leaders and myself find very useful for evaluating the attendance."



Mrs L Osbourne Head teacher Pickhurst Infant Academy



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