What clients say about WPA Education Welfare Services

  • St Josephs College

    St Josephs College

    "We have been working with WPA for the past 2 years. Our EWO has worked alongside all of our pastoral team members to support with some complex cases. We would not have made the progress we have without her input - a true professional. Our...

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  • Cheam High School

    Cheam High School

    "The school has been using the service of WPA for a number of years and continues to be impressed with its approach to improving school attendance and to safeguarding young people and their families.  Each year we refer a number of co...

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  • Gorringe Primary School

    Gorringe Primary School

    "I am so pleased with the service we have received from WPA this year. Our EWO has supported the school in maintaining excellent attendance and punctuality figures. Her regular presence in school ensures consistency across all year groups...

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  • Raynes Park High School

    Raynes Park High School

    "Attendance is a key priority at the school and our recent Ofsted report stated that ‘attendance was above the national average’. This is a testament to our long-standing partnership with WPA and the impact of their work over the ye...

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  • Meridian Community Primary School

    Meridian Community Primary School

    "We have worked with WPA since September 2017 and the attendance and persistent absence has significantly improved as a result. Our EWO is an integral part of our pastoral team and a real asset to the school.  I would highly recommended th...

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  • High Cliff Academy

    High Cliff Academy

    "WPA provide a first rate service and help really strengthen our attendance expectations.  Our EWO contributes strongly to the work of our Attendance Lead and works closely with the school in supporting our families wit...

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  • Broad Water Down Primary School

    Broad Water Down Primary School

    "I am really pleased that we decided to invest our Pupil Premium money into funding an EWO from WPA this year.  The company is very professional and supportive and our EWO, has made a real difference.  We were struggling to reach 95%...

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  • Rosebery School

    Rosebery School

    "We are extremely pleased with the valuable service provided through our current WPA Education Welfare Officer who has provided outstanding support in enabling us to improve on our already excellent attendance. Our EWO has built reliable and pr...

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  • La Fontaine Academy

    La Fontaine Academy

    "Very good service provided to us in the first year of opening. Has really helped our knowledge and enabled us to efficiently review and monitor attendance."

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  • Chestnut Park Primary School

    Chestnut Park Primary School

    "We are impressed by the professionalism of our WPA team, who support the school as if it were their own. The timeliness of their support, beyond the day they work with us, provides us the support we need to manage attendance on a daily basis...

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  • Prendergast Vale School

    Prendergast Vale School

    "We are incredibly pleased with the positive impact that WPA have had on our attendance, particularly in helping us to reduce persistent absenteeism. Our Educational Welfare Officer communicates clearly and concisely with regard to actions...

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  • Woodcote Primary School

    Woodcote Primary School

    "We have been using WPA for 5 years and have seen great impact from their service.  We have been able to keep consistency with our Education Welfare Officer (EWO) and this has enabled a strong relationship and history to be built with our...

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  • Hilltop Primary School, Crawley

    Hilltop Primary School, Crawley

    "We have been really pleased with the impact of WPA's work on attendance. This impact is seen on the overall attendance figures and in the improvement for particular individuals. WPA are professional, approachable and determined to help us...

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  • Harris South Norwood

    Harris South Norwood

    We have found WPA and particularly the EWO assigned to us invaluable in supporting the academy to ensure that attendance is maintained high on the agenda and support is put in place to ensure that attendance continues to improve. The impact of this...

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  • Harris Academy Falconwood

    Harris Academy Falconwood

    "Working with WPA has meant that the attendance has gone from being atrocious in the predecessor school to exceeding the national average by being above 95% in our Academy. Our WPA EWO has made a significant contribution to maintaining the...

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  • Bullers Wood School, Chislehurst

    Bullers Wood School, Chislehurst

    "The experience, knowledge and excellent quality of service of WPA Education Welfare Services have enabled us to raise attendance from already high levels. Our Education Welfare Officer has not only worked in partnership with us to develop effe...

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  • Danetree Junior School

    Danetree Junior School

    "Since using WPA Education Welfare Services we have seen a marked reduction in persistent absence and an increase in overall attendance. Our Education Welfare Officer provides us with regular weekly reports and her written termly report is a pa...

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  • Darrick Wood Junior School

    Darrick Wood Junior School

    "We are very pleased with all aspects of the service provided by WPA, and by our Education Welfare Officer, in particular. Our EWO is a true professional and an asset to your business."

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  • New Valley Primary School

    New Valley Primary School

    "WPA has worked with New Valley since we became an academy in 2014. During that time, New Valley has made very good progress in improving attendance, which has always proved a real challenge for the school.  Our attached EWO has been very...

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  • Harris Academy Battersea

    Harris Academy Battersea

    "The service that WPA has provided has far outstripped the previous provision that we had in place. The attention to detail, the tenacity but most importantly the care with which they have approached each individual student has made them a plea...

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  • Southgate Primary School

    Southgate Primary School

    "Since working with WPA, we have seen significant positive changes to our attendance, which is no mean feat! Our EWO Officer is incredibly knowledgeable, informative and efficient. She works hard to educate our families on&n...

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  • St Marks C of E Primary School Bromley

    St Marks C of E Primary School Bromley

    "St Mark’s have had EWO support from WPA since May 2017. Our attendance was good but had plateaued; in addition, the gap between our overall attendance and pupil premium pupils was bigger than we wanted and the school knew we needed addit...

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  • Rowdown Primary School

    Rowdown Primary School

    "Rowdown has very challenging attendance issues which require a robust and consistent system in place in order to achieve success. WPA has provided the school with these qualities but additionally it is a service that is responsive to specific...

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  • Woodcote Primary School

    Woodcote Primary School

    "We have been so impressed with the quality of service we receive through WPA. Having a dedicated Education Welfare Officer has had a positive impact on our attendance. The reports that WPA produce are excellent for informing Governors and othe...

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  • Beecholme Primary School

    Beecholme Primary School

    "Beecholme has worked with WPA since September 2016 when it became part of  PACE Academy Trust. It has been a very positive and very professional partnership with our designated EWO, which is producing positive results in our attendance an...

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  • Bishop Justus C of E School, Bromley

    Bishop Justus C of E School, Bromley

    "We have been very pleased with the service we have received from WPA and would highly recommend them to others. Our Education Welfare Officer has worked tirelessly to support us in improving attendance and we are very much committed to our par...

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  • Balgowan Primary School, Beckenham

    Balgowan Primary School, Beckenham

    "We have an excellent relationship with our Education Welfare Provider, WPA Education Welfare Services. Our Education Welfare Officer is very experienced and efficient. The service is very well managed, with constructive and productive meetings...

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  • Riddlesdown Collegiate

    Riddlesdown Collegiate

    "We have been extremely pleased by the standard of service that WPA has delivered and their support has helped us to maintain our already outstanding attendance. The thorough and determined work of our Education Welfare Officer, has really help...

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  • Fairchildes Primary Academy

    Fairchildes Primary Academy

    "WPA has made a massive difference to our attendance. They are organised, efficient and get things done! Our Education Welfare Officer works extremely well with the School Attendance Coordinator and there is excellent communication between them...

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  • Thomas's Academy

    Thomas's Academy

    "Excellent support! Our WPA Education Welfare Officer has been a fantastic asset to the school. They have managed to turn around our attendance which has been a tough job!"

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  • The Ebbsfleet Academy

    The Ebbsfleet Academy

    "WPA have been working with The Ebbsfleet Academy since January 2014. Already, we are seeing a noticeable improvement in the attendance of the students who have been referred to our WPA Education Welfare Officer. We have been impressed by his p...

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  • Elmwood Infant School

    Elmwood Infant School

    "Elmwood has worked with WPA for seven years. It has been a positive and very professional partnership. WPA has not only provided advice on attendance but has also provided welfare support for some of our most vulnerable families. This has had...

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  • Downsview Primary & Nursery School, Croydon

    Downsview Primary & Nursery School, Croydon

    "WPA Education Welfare Service is a highly professional company, delivering an outstanding, excellent and knowledgeable service. Having a dedicated Education Welfare Officer has had a positive impact on our already high attendance, enabling us...

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  • The Crescent Primary School

    The Crescent Primary School

    "Nothing is more important to me than ensuring that all children at The Crescent Primary School are accessing the best learning possible and they cannot do that if they are not at school! It is great to have the high standards of professional k...

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  • Hillcroft Primary School

    Hillcroft Primary School

    "We have been using WPA for the past 5 years and are very pleased with the service they offer. The Education Welfare Officer (EWO) works closely with our Attendance Officer supporting her in her role and helps keep the profile of attendance hig...

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  • The Beacon School

    The Beacon School

    "Attendance has improved year on year since working with WPA. The service and advice is always at an acceptable high standard."

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  • The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

    The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

    "WPA have proved to be an invaluable service to our school community over the last few years. Our tutors, year co-ordinators and attendance officer are well supported by WPA both in identifying causes for concern regarding attendance and in off...

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  • The Kemnal Academy Trust

    The Kemnal Academy Trust

    "WPA have helped to transform attendance procedures at our schools. The tenacity, rigour and no-nonsense approach have proven effective in improving attendance with not only those hard to reach parents but also these parents who do not see scho...

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  • Quest Academy

    Quest Academy

    "WPA have transformed attendance from very low levels in the predecessor school to very high levels at the Academy. Their high levels of expertise and proactive work with families are an integral part of our pastoral care for students. We are p...

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  • Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College

    Norbury Manor Business & Enterprise College

    "This service has been absolutely brilliant! Since using this service, we have seen a marked increase in attendance, and have also been able to track students who are out of school for any reason more effectively, and give greater support. Even...

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  • Lime Tree Primary School

    Lime Tree Primary School

    "WPA are a professional organisation providing an efficient service that meets our school’s needs. They have established positive relationships with both school and parents and made a positive impact on all open cases."

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