Early Intervention and Family Workers

Intensive one-to-one support for families

If families need individual support, WPA Education Welfare Services offer one-to-one casework to address safeguarding concerns and help children attend school regularly.

Our Early Intervention and Family Workers offer individual support to families with children from pre-birth to 16 who have been identified as vulnerable or at risk of negative outcomes.

  • We work either in the family home, in school or in other settings to provide advice, support and practical help.
  • Our family workers have a deep understanding of child development and are used to working with a wide range of families, including those who are hard to reach.
  • We have expert knowledge of the services available to families and can help them access support from other organisations, including community groups, so they benefit from an integrated service.
  • As the lead professional for that family, we will set targets, monitor progress and keep detailed records of actions and assessment – including taking part in ‘Team Around the Family’ meetings and preparing reports for social care referrals if needed.
  • Our family workers can also accompany parents and children to other meetings or sessions, if necessary, so they always feel supported.

By providing individual, integrated support as early as possible, we aim to help each child fulfil his or her potential.

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