Attendance Rewards Schemes

The right attendance rewards for your school

A good attendance reward scheme can have a massive impact on attendance, helping children across the school or academy fulfil their potential.

Whether you’re looking to raise attendance or sustain already good attendance, WPA Education Welfare Services have the skills and experience to help you run a rewards scheme that really works.

We’ll learn about your goals and suggest the ways to celebrate attendance and punctuality they are right for your children. It’s not just the type of scheme you choose – such as badges, stickers or points systems – but how it is introduced and reinforced across the whole school. We’ll help you look at all your options and introduce the scheme in a way that works for your children.

Meet Attendance Annie & Punctuality Pete

Why not ask for a visit from our two primary school mascots, Attendance Annie and Punctuality Pete. They will run a special session at your school and help children understand the importance of good attendance in a fun, accessible way. Simply contact us to find out more or to book a visit.

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