Attendance Audits and Evaluations

Assessing where you are and agreeing action

If you are looking to improve attendance across the school an attendance audit and evaluation can be the ideal place to start. It gives you a snapshot of where you are and a plan of action for the future too.

Whether you need to improve attendance or simply maintain it at a high level, an audit from WPA Education Welfare Services provide useful guidance as well as an early warning sign of areas where action is needed. We can:

  • Review your attendance policies, systems, strategies and targets to make sure they meet best practice
  • Evaluate existing data and talk to relevant member of staff to identify areas for future training
  • Help you prepare for Ofsted inspections, governors or senior leadership team meetings
  • Provide reports on the attendance of specific groups such as pupil premium students or those with special educational needs
  • Identifying safeguarding issues related to attendance.

Call 01689 843322 or use our contact form to arrange your attendance audit and evaluation.

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