Attendance Training

Helping your staff develop the skills they need

If you have a new attendance officer or lead at your school, our training can help to make sure they have the skills they need to help boost and sustain high attendance.

  • WPA Education Welfare Services will make sure your attendance staff understand the latest legislation and best practice and support them to develop your school’s policies on attendance
  • We can run sessions after school or during INSET days, either for your attendance officer, senior leaders, or a wider group of teachers – to help develop a whole-school approach.
  • We can also support attendance officers and leads as they prepare for Ofsted inspections, or seek to take action following an inspection.

Contact us to see how our training services can help you improve attendance at your school.


What Schools and Academies are saying about our Attendance Officer and New to Role Training......

"The WPA Trainer delivered exceptional training for my needs within Meridian. I would recommend the training and found it very useful. It has enabled me to be more confident and efficient."

Meridian High


"Lovely training session with the WPA Education Welfare Services Trainer. All made to suit my needs. I really enjoyed it all. Now eager to put into practice my new skills. A really lovely trainer who answered any questions I had. Most useful was a more in-depth look at different aspects of attendance reports to help assist and support monitoring."

Prospect School


"The WPA trainer (Sandy) was an incredible trainer. She is very knowledgeable and excellent at her job. She answered all my questions and went above and beyond to help me. I feel much more prepared to complete my job. Thank you so much."

The UCL Academy


"My training today was spot on. It was everything I needed. I can now do my role more successfully. The training was clear and very easy to understand. I loved all of it."

Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College


"I found the training extremely useful and relevant to my role. The trainer was clear and to the point in her explanation and paced the training according to my understanding."

Fairchildes Primary School


"I feel like the training will really improve my productivity and efficiency in school. I found particularly useful, quick, and simple ways to fill in the information."

Helen Allison


"Very clear and presented well. All questions answered. Very impressed. Most useful was using our School Management System to improve ways of working."

The Beacon


"Good knowledge of the area, good advice and strategies to use, most useful tips around shortcuts."

Archbishop LanFranc


"Clear information on the requirements of my role. Brilliant and useful training which can be used in my role."

Pratts Bottom Primary School


"Excellent would really recommend the Trainers approach to attendance. The course was designed for my needs. I particularly found the design for the home page for my attendance needs useful."

Chestnut Park (Attendance Lead)

"The training was very good and I found it really helpful particularly regarding letters and using our School Management System."

Chestnut Park (Attendance Officer)


"The WPA Education Welfare Services Trainer was very easy to speak to and very knowledgeable. I learned a lot from her and she left me plenty of documentation to refer to as well as being available if I needed anything in the near future. Most useful was how to access information quickly finding new ways of doing things on SIM’s"

The Quest Academy


"I found all of the training very useful and it was great to be able to have the training at my place of work. I wish it was slightly longer, but another date is being arranged."

Norbury Manor Business and Enterprise College


"Understanding what type of data I need to gather. The instructions were clear and understandable. The trainer was effective."

Chelsfield Primary School


"I found the training very useful, as full information was given to my questions.  Using reports which I did not know how to use and tabs on registers.  The trainer was very effective. My performance has already improved in some areas making it easier to obtain information."

Ebbsfleet Academy


"Very happy with the WPA Trainers’ explanations on any questions asked. A very informative and well-presented training session. I particularly found it useful gaining a basic understanding of attendance and the codes."

Harris Primary Academy Orpington (Business Manager)

"Excellent Training, bespoke to the school's needs, particularly useful regarding Safeguarding. I would recommend it to all."

Harris Primary Academy Orpington (Family Worker)


"The training was clear and understandable and relevant to my needs. The Trainer was effective and it will improve my overall performance."

South Camberley Juniors


“All the training was well structured. The training was inspirational, focus lead and well-structured to the role of the Attendance Officer. The trainer was very helpful and delivered an amazing training session - Thank you.”

The Mill Primary Academy


Hoe Valley

"I found the training to be very relevant to my role. The WPA trainer gave clear and understandable instructions and was very effective. I particularly found most useful all the different reports available on our Attendance Management system."

Hoe Valley

"The training was bespoke to our needs. The WPA trainer was knowledgeable and able to answer all my questions. The training will definitely improve my overall performance."


Easthampsted Park

"The training was really well laid out, brilliant handouts and lots of information on a level that was across all boards, with lots of background information to show examples and the impact on each role at the school."

Easthampsted Park

"Fantastic to get all the background information for the data analysis.  I felt the WPA trainer addressed each of us very well. It was very informative."

Easthampsted Park

"I found the training to be very informative. The WPA trainer was very good and instructions were clear and concise."

Skinners Academy

"The WPA trainer was brilliant. She tailored everything to what I needed to know and at my level. The training will improve my overall performance."


Harris Primary Chafford Hundred

"Amazing! I feel more confident in my role and will use all the information daily."

Harris Primary Chafford Hundred

"The WPA trainer is brilliant, very knowledgeable and approachable. I was made to feel like I could ask questions at any time. The WPA trainer is friendly and keeps everyone engaged. Thank you."


Harris Primary Mayflower

"The trainer was excellent. I feel more confident and knowledgeable in fulfilling my role and responsibilities."


Hylands School

"Where can I start, the training was thoroughly relevant. It was extremely useful; great training. My day to day will be much improved time wise. It definitely met my needs. The WPA trainer is extremely knowledgeable and she answered all my 200 questions! Thank you."


Maiden Erlegh School

"The training was comprehensive, great insight to using our attendance management system effectively to make day to day tasks easier."


UAE Southbank

"The training was very relevant to my needs the WPA trainer was very clear and patient in her explanations and answering questions. Most useful was the grounding in our Attendance Management system."


Burnt Ash Primary School

"Training was targeted to our school needs, really informative and delivered in a fun and enthusiastic way. Most useful was how it connected to our school procedures and needs. This made is easier to digest. Highly recommend."

Burnt Ash Primary School

"The training was very informative and an engaging session. It was relevant to me as I am new to the role at the school. The training will support me being more productive."

Burnt Ash Primary School

"Very good training, everything was explained in detail and examples shown to us so we could understand better."


Senior Leadership Team Training

The Beacon (Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead)

"The WPA trainer was really clear and enable us to focus on the aspects we needed to cover. I found most useful understanding reports to use and how to monitor effectively. The WPA trainer was very knowledgeable."

The Beacon (Assistant Head)

"Really happy with the training received, especially around the need to clarify roles and responsibilities of staff. We were given lots to think about and practical actions to work on over the next few months."

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