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Why should your Governing Body be aware of School Attendance and Safeguarding Procedures?

Governing Bodies play an active role in school improvement across all areas of school life and when it comes to school attendance and safeguarding of the children there is a requirement for governors to ensure compliance with legislation and statutory guidance.

Alongside this, the Competency Framework for Governors advises that everyone on the board should have knowledge of attendance and safeguarding and for ensuring compliance with all the statutory requirements.

Whilst there are a number of legal duties to comply with there is also the expectation that governors should play an active role in developing policies and procedures which support high levels of attendance. Like any other element of school improvement, managing attendance requires effective planning, taking into consideration the educational and wider needs of pupils. It also requires an understanding of the school’s attendance data and governors should have the knowledge and skills to be able to review and analyse this.

Effective training for governors can help to ensure they are providing strategic direction to their school; understand the expectations in relation to attendance and safeguarding with the Ofsted framework and complying fully with their legal duties.

WPA provides training to governors to enable them to have an understanding of the law in relation to school attendance and ensure they are fulfilling their legal duties. For more information about how WPA can support your governing body please contact us on 01689 843322 or click here for our contact form.

Written by Sue Mellish
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